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Coral Persistence Project Caretaker Stories

Coral Persistence Temporary Caretaker Cards

As part of the Coral Persistence project caretaking guidelines, we ask that all temporary caretakers provide details of their caretaking story by responding to the following:

  • Your name and a few key points about yourself
  • Your location (state and country)
  • How you came into possession of the Coral Persistence ring?
  • Why did you decide to take over the caretaking of the Coral Persistence ring?
  • How do you feel about not permanently owning the Coral Persistence ring?
  • How do you think you will feel if someone keeps the Coral Persistence ring, sells it, vandalises or destroys it?
  • Please take a photograph of yourself wearing the Coral Persistence ring and email the image to By emailing your photograph you agree that the photograph will be uploaded to the Coral Persistence project web pages and may be used for news stories and exhibition marketing to spread awareness of the Coral Persistence project and caretaking of coral reefs.

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