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Fifity Shades of Life 5 April - 23 April 2022

Colours of Life 2 2022 by Toni-Maree Savage

50 Shades of Life explores the monochrome world through the individual artworks of sixteen peer-group artists.The term monochrome stems from Ancient Greek μόνος (mónos) "one', and χρῶμα (khrôma) "colour' and is the single presentation of one colour in different shades or hues. Kazimir Malevich' "Black Square' (1915) is thought to be the first example of a monochromatic painting. Other mediums such as photography continue to value the impact that monochrome imbues upon chosen subjects.

Each artist explores the unique communicative opportunities that a reduced palette brings with a new direction of inquiry. Marshall McLuhan's notion that "the medium is the message" is reflected in the insight each artist offers. Monochrome is often thought of as only black and white but as you will see in 50 Shades of Life there is a whole lot more to single-colour art.

Exhibition conceived and curated by 3P Collective: Robyn Wood, Neil Moorhead, and Matt Hurdle.

The exhibition runs from 5 April - 23 April 2022 at the Webb Gallery Queensland College of Art, 226 Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Gallery opening hours are 10 am – 4 pm Tues - Fri (closed Mon and Sun).