Art Clay Silver: Eco-friendly innovation

In the world of jewellery making, innovation and tradition intertwine to create timeless pieces. One such innovative material that has captured the hearts of artisans worldwide is the metal clay brand Art Clay Silver. But what makes Art Clay Silver stand out, and why is it considered an environmentally friendly choice? 

The history of metal clay

Metal clay represents a transformative chapter in the art of jewellery making. Introduced in the 1990s, this malleable material opened up new horizons for artists. Metal clay consists of fine metal particles, a non-toxic binding agent, and water, creating a clay-like substance that can be molded, sculpted, and transformed into intricate designs. Once fired, the binder burns away, leaving behind a solid genuine metal piece, ready to be polished and admired.

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Art Clay Silver: Quality and sustainable metal clay

Art Clay Silver is a specific brand of silver metal clay comprised of 99.9% pure silver after firing, this product meets the highest standards of 999 Fine Silver quality. It is manufactured by Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (Aida), a Japanese company founded in 1965.

Green choices with Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd

Located in Tokyo, Aida has made a name for itself through its commitment to sustainable practices, innovation, and high-quality products. The company specialises in the recovery and refining of precious metals, ensuring that valuable resources are reclaimed and reused, rather than wasted. 

Aida adheres to a responsible materials procurement policy that follows the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. The policy focuses on sourcing materials that avoid human rights violations, terrorist financing, money laundering, illegal trade in conflict or high-risk areas, and environmental and sustainability risk factors.

As part of their commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing and manufacturing Aida states, "We can transform limited resources into unlimited by continually perfecting a recycling system that contributes to environmental conservation."

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Ethical sourcing and recycling

The silver used in Art Clay Silver is predominantly sourced from recycled materials, including discarded electronic components, photographic waste, and industrial byproducts. This method of sourcing helps to reduce the demand for newly mined silver, which is beneficial for the environment and promotes responsible consumption.

The company is adept at extracting precious metals from complex waste materials, ensuring that valuable resources are reclaimed and reused instead of ending up in landfills. Their advanced recovery and refining processes are designed to be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

Eco-friendly manufacturing practices

Art Clay Silver is made by combining fine silver particles with an organic, non-toxic binder. This ensures that the firing process, where the binder is burned away, results in the release of non-toxic gases, minimising the environmental impact.

Aida also strives to optimise its manufacturing processes to be energy-efficient, further reducing its carbon footprint. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve its processes and increase efficiency. This drive for innovation not only contributes to better products but also to more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Art Clay Silver supports sustainable practices not just in production but also in its use. The firing process for Art Clay Silver can be done at relatively low temperatures compared to other metalworking processes, contributing to energy savings in the artisan's workshop. In addition, before firing, any unused or excess Art Clay Silver can be rehydrated and reused, minimising waste.

Transparency and education

Aida is transparent about its sourcing and production practices, helping to raise awareness about the importance of responsible and sustainable jewellery making. The company also plays a role in educating the public and artists about sustainable practices in jewellery making through its resources and training materials.

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What does this mean for jewellery buyers?

  • Quality assurance with Art Clay Silver: Buyers can confident their pieces are genuine 999 Fine Silver quality, reflecting both Art Clay Silver's aesthetic and enduring nature.
  • Eco-conscious decisions: Choosing Art Clay Silver means endorsing sustainable practices, emphasising a reduced carbon footprint and supporting sustainable mining alternatives.
  • Advocacy for green practices: Opting for Art Clay Silver not only provides a piece of jewellery but also signals a commitment to both quality and sustainability.
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Final thoughts

Art Clay Silver, with its origins in innovative thinking, underscores the merging of artistry with eco-responsibility. As artists and consumers, understanding the environmental considerations behind this product allows us to make more informed and conscious choices in our jewellery selections. By choosing Art Clay Silver, you are supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This not only helps in reducing the carbon footprint associated with jewellery production but also promotes the broader adoption of green practices in the industry.

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