Jewellery care

Thank you for purchasing my unique ecoconscious and ethical handmade jewellery.

Each piece is caringly handmade to the highest standards and quality tested. The handmade nature of each piece means that, unlike machine manufactured jewellery, there are sometimes indications of the artist’s hand. Consequently, small blemishes in the materials and making process are in no way faults but a mark of your distinctive piece.

Caring for your jewellery

My jewellery is handmade from copper, brass, aluminium, .925 Sterling silver, .999 fine silver and 9ct gold. Please be aware that these metals will tarnish over time because the combination of air and moisture causes them to oxidise. This is a natural process and creates a variety of beautiful finishes. However, if you prefer a more polished look, you can slow down the tarnishing process by regularly cleaning your metal jewellery, storing it carefully, and following a few simple tips.

Tips to help you care for your handcrafted jewellery:

  • Don’t wear jewellery when showering, swimming, or when using household chemicals such as bleach and ammonia.
  • Put your jewellery on after you’ve applied any deodorant, lotions, hair products, perfumes, sunscreen or other beauty products.
  • When not wearing your jewellery, store it in a zip-lock bag or a sealed box to slow down the rate of tarnish and prevent scratches to the surface. You may even consider investing in some anti-tarnish bags.
  • Avoid dropping enamel (powdered glass) jewellery, as with any glass object, it is vulnerable to chipping or breaking.
  • Invest in a soft polishing cloth to regularly polish your jewellery. I also recommend using Shine Rite Polishing Pads to ensure your metal jewellery has a sparkling shine.
  • When cleaning jewellery, we suggest a very gentle soap and water combination before patting the jewellery dry with a soft cloth. Be particularly careful if you're cleaning gemstone jewellery as some stones don't react well to water or jewellery cleaner. I recommend professional cleaning for gemstone jewellery to avoid damaging precious stones.
  • Copper and bronze jewellery, and sometimes the copper component of Sterling silver, can cause skin discolouration if you're sensitive to metals. In this case, we suggest applying a protective coating to the metal parts of the jewellery which come into contact with your skin. Protective coating for jewellery is available in a bottle similar to nail polish and includes an applicator brush. It will need to be reapplied every so often.

Further Questions?

If you have a further question about caring for your jewellery please Contact me.