My story

  Jewellery by Toni-Maree in her eco-friendly jewellery studio

Hey! I'm Toni-Maree

I'm an Australian artisan jeweller and metalsmith, dedicated to making sustainable and ethical handmade jewellery that cares for our earth and its people. Living a creative, sustainable, and ethical life is my passion. My journey into jewellery design happened quite by chance. I began studying a Bachelor of Fine Art with a focus on sculpture, but it didn’t quite resonate with me. I found myself searching for a different path. One day, I walked past the jewellery studio and looked in the window. They were making what looked like mini sculptures, and I was intrigued. I enrolled in an introductory course, and from the moment I sat at the jewellery bench with a bench peg in front of me and a jeweller's saw in my hand, I knew I had found my calling. I fell in love with the process, especially metal fabrication, where I can transform a simple piece of plate or wire into a beautiful form.


My jewellery is a blend of thoughtful making, sustainability, and timeless beauty, designed to be cherished for generations. Each piece is crafted with care, using sustainable and ethical high-quality materials and eco-friendly practices to create meaningful, lasting treasures.

Thoughtful + considered making

Every piece of jewellery I create is the result of thoughtful and considered making. This means I take the time to ensure every design and creation process respects both the materials I use and the environment. I carefully plan each piece, considering its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and the story it will tell. This mindful approach not only ensures high quality but also that my jewellery has a minimal environmental footprint.

Sustainable + ethical

My commitment to caring for the earth and its people guides every aspect of my work. I believe in making jewellery that not only looks beautiful but also respects and nurtures our natural world. This dedication to sustainability and ethics is why I source my materials from transparent and ethical suppliers and follow practices that place sustainability and ethics at their core. I consciously minimise waste, reuse and upcycle materials, avoid harsh chemicals, use eco-friendly packaging and stationery, and avoid overproduction.

You can read more about my commitment at Sustainable + Ethical Jewellery.

Handmade with love

Every piece of jewellery I create in my Queensland, Australia studio is made with love and care, embodying its own unique story. This storytelling aspect is central to my ethos, making each item more than just an accessory but a piece of art filled with meaning and memories. I'm committed to making my jewellery by hand using traditional techniques and preserving the art of jewellery making for future generations. By choosing handmade jewellery, you support this timeless tradition and celebrate the beauty of artisanal work.

Modern heirlooms + keepsakes

My goal is to create jewellery that you can enjoy for many years. I want each piece to become a cherished part of your life, something you can pass down to your family and friends. My pieces are more than just accessories; they are modern heirlooms + keepsakes that hold special memories. By wearing my jewellery, you are adorning yourself with a beautiful treasure that can be shared with future generations.

Fine quality materials

I take immense pride in using only the finest quality materials for my jewellery. It's important to me that each piece not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time. I use genuine 999 Fine Silver, which is 99.9% pure and offers a bright, shiny appearance. For added durability and a lovely shine, I use 925 Sterling Silver, an alloy with 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. Additionally, I incorporate 940 Argentium Silver, a modern alloy with 94% pure silver, known for its superior tarnish resistance and radiant finish. Choosing these high-quality materials means that every piece of jewellery I make is not only a joy to wear but also a treasure that can be passed down through generations. I want you to feel confident that when you wear my jewellery, you are adorned with something truly special and made with the utmost care and commitment to excellence.




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