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Ring sizing

Ring sizing can be a little tricky when you are buying online. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out which ring size you need. We have provided a few suggestions for assessing your ring size.

Ring sizing options:

  • You can get your finger sized at most jewellers.
  • You can purchase ring-measuring tools online for a relatively low cost from online jewellery supply stores or platforms such as eBay. A ring-measuring tool is a reasonable alternative (but not perfect) to visiting a jeweller in person. However, don’t forget that the width of the band needs to be considered when sizing and purchasing. You should use a standard ring measuring tool if you are purchasing a band under 5mm wide, and a wide band measuring tool if you are purchasing a band over 5mm.

Whichever method you decide to use to assess your ring size, you will need to convert to Australian sizing before selecting one of our handmade pieces. And don't forget, if you do purchase a ring and find that it is not the correct size you will usually be covered by our 14-day Return policy (conditions apply).