Backyard Dreaming, 2021

Backyard Dreaming 2021 by Toni-Maree Savage 

Backyard Dreaming, 2021
Acrylic on aluminium panel
61 x 45 cm

Artist Statement

While listening to the audio Backyard Reckoning by Brisbae-based artist Sally Molloy, I visualised two children, one Indigenous Australian and one Caucasian, lying peacefully in an Australian backyard under a Jacaranda tree with cockatoos watching from the branches. In the mid-ground a broken fence represents that barriers can be broken.

I’ve returned to a larger format painting for this work and a smooth aluminium panel. From previous experience, the aluminium panel works best with an acrylic background. Hence, I decided to use acrylic for this composition. I started with a red background and built up the layers over the top. I wanted to experiment with this technique to see what happened to the colours in the upper layers.

I’m pleased with the final result of this work. Starting with the red background gave the colours a warm richness compared to working on a white background. I also enjoyed using a ‘rough’ expressionistic and painterly style. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this work.

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