Monozygotic, 2022

Monozygotic 2022 by Toni-Maree Savage

Mirror Twins, 2022
Charcoal and oil on canvas
121.8 x 91.4 cm

Intertwine II, 2022
Charcoal and oil on canvas
121.8 x 91.4 cm

Single Womb, 2022
Charcoal and oil on canvas
121.8 x 91.4 cm

Artist Statement

A visual exploration of the identical twin relationship

As the mother of monozygotic [identical] twins, I am fascinated with their relationship. I have wanted to explore this in visual art for some time and have decided to take the opportunity in this project.

My research to date has revealed that much visual art representing monozygotic twins is focused on the similarities between them. In contrast, I'm more specifically interested in exploring this theme through the intimacy of the relationship, particularly the connection and support that my sons share. Consequently, my studio thesis for this project is to represent the identical twin relationship through paint.

In exploring my theme, I created four preliminary works before moving on to my project works. My experimental works allowed me to think about how I could use composition, colour, texture, medium, line and mark making to represent my studio thesis. I completed the project with three finished works that meet my studio thesis in terms of concept and process - Intertwine II, Mirror Twins and Shared Womb.

Intertwine II, 2022 uses intertwined hair that wraps around the twins from a central ball to symbolise the single womb from which two umbilical cords emerged to create identical beings. Mirror Twins, 2022 plays with a distinctive element of some identical twin's relationship. Mirror twins are opposite each other in many physical characteristics, such as one is left and right handedness, hair swirls in different directions, and even the heart can be on opposite sides. Shared Womb, 2022 extends the concept of a single womb as the origin of the twin's relationship. The twins are depicted in a supportive, warm relationship in each project work.

Primary exemplars for my work in this project include Lucian Freud, Alice Neel and Anders Zorn. Freud and Neel's ability to capture psychological depth in their subjects is a continuing source of inspiration to me. While Zorn's ability to capture humanness through colour and light is something I continue to strive towards.

I am happy with my conceptual and technical progress in this project. In my three works, I decided to use a Zorn palette and an organic freehand background to bring a natural and spontaneous sensation to the works, much like how identical twins are created. I found it beneficial to research exemplars and techniques and experiment with composition and mediums. The results are thoughtful works. I will continue to follow this process for my future work.

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