Ecoconscious + ethical jewellery

What is ecoconscious + ethical jewellery?

Ecoconscious and ethical jewellery is about designing and making in a way that's gentle to our earth and equitable for everyone involved. It's choosing materials and practices that reduce harm to our environment and making sure that fairness and kindness guide how we work with people along the way. This approach is heartfelt, reflecting a deep consideration for every piece's journey from conception to completion. Essentially, it's about making jewellery with a genuine commitment to the well-being of the earth and its inhabitants, blending artistry with a sincere dedication to doing good in the world. 

Sustainable and ethical making

My commitment to ecoconscious + ethical jewellery

As a jeweller deeply committed to ecoconscious and ethical principles in my life and work, I focus on using resources and adopting practices that nurture our earth and its people. This approach enables me to contribute positively, ensuring that the jewellery I create not only looks beautiful but also respects and cherishes our natural environment and people.

To meet my commitment to making that is ecoconscious and ethical, I do the following:


Earth care impact through Ecologi

I contribute monthly to Ecologi, helping to offset carbon emissions and plant trees both in Australia and globally. Additionally, for every order received, I plant an extra tree. By choosing to order, you're actively supporting efforts to tackle climate challenges and enhance environmental sustainability.

Ecologi - Plant a tree for every order

Living an ecoconscious life

My lifestyle embraces ecoconscious and ethical choices. I aim to live more with less, finding joy in simplicity. When it comes to fashion, I lean towards secondhand finds and slow fashion brands. My urban garden is my little oasis, where I grow fruits and veggies organically, steering clear of chemicals. Composting has become second nature to me, a simple way to give back to the earth. My chickens are part of the family, providing fresh organic eggs. I'm all about recycling and reusing, making the most of what I have. And, to round it all off, my home runs on solar power and is equipped with water-saving fixtures, just a few steps towards a smaller footprint.

Backyard vegetables




We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi
Ethical Metalsmiths Member
Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, Queensland