Ecoconscious + ethical jewellery

What is ecoconscious + ethical jewellery?

Ecoconscious and ethical decisions are based on prioritising environmental and human well-being while avoiding harmful practices. As a jeweller, I strive to create pieces using high-quality materials and techniques that align with this ethos. Every material and technique I use is thoughtfully considered for its impact on our earth and people. I am dedicated to choosing materials and techniques that have the least negative impact, and I am constantly learning and improving in order to create stunning jewellery with love, care and intention.

Sustainable and ethical making

My commitment to ecoconscious + ethical jewellery

As a jeweller who values an ecoconscious and ethical ethos in my life and work, I am committed to making jewellery using resources and practices that care for our earth and people. By working this way I can maximise my impact for good, while making jewellery that respects our natural resources and people.

To meet my commitment to making that is ecoconscious and ethical, I do the following:


Living an ecoconscious life

My commitment to ecoconscious choices flows throughout my life. I choose to consume less and live simply. I buy secondhand and invest in slow fashion choices. I grow my own organic fruit and vegetables in an urban garden without chemicals. I compost everything I can to return nutrients to the earth. My chicken coop provides organic fresh eggs. I recycle and reuse as much as possible. And, I use solar electricity and water-saving devices.Home grown produce